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can we make vertical farming affordable and take it mainstream?

hej da!

we are klimazone

klimazone was born out of the necessity to simplify vertical farming and ensure broad access to it.
We are a digital farming startup redesigning farming for the era of data, augmented intelligence, and no-holds-barred sustainability.
Our mission is to design a better, sustainable food system in which vertical farming is easy, profitable, and accessible to all.
Our vision is a world in which vertical farming empowers people and improves their lives. We are making farming exciting. Be ready to get #hooked2farming.
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what we do

you do the farming. we take care of the climate.

Healthy plants and quality harvests in controlled growth environments require precision-designed and engineered climates. Developing these is time- and cost-intensive.
Using Big Data and Deep Learning, we at klimazone are creating digital 'climate recipes' for controlled growth environments that would eliminate expensive R&D in climate design.
Farm operators liberate themselves from huge development costs. Simultaneously, they stand to benefit from an unmatched flexibility and new business opportunities.
just-in-time production meets farming

Synchronising food production and sourcing to future market demand reduces overproduction and cuts down post-harvest food wastage.
Our satellite data-driven and AI-powered predictions deliver farm operators the intelligence necessary to do demand-oriented farming. By leveraging data, we shall fundamentally change how farming and food sourcing are practised today, benefiting farm owners, food procurers, and the environment.
precision monitoring for plants. boost for your business.

Monitoring plant health and growth ensures quality produce and a bountiful harvest. Precision monitoring is essential for the production of tailored nutrition.
At klimazone, we are developing a data-driven monitoring intelligence engine for indoor vertical farms. Precise, highly effective, and easy-to-deploy, this infinitely scalable monitoring system shall help farm operators improve their crop quality and yields substantially.

Be at the forefront of something extraordinary.

Bright minds and creative people! Are you game for serious challenges and some fun as well? Contact us! We'd love to know you!

know us

Cognitively diverse, we are a group of curious, adamant, ingenious, and even absurd minds!

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  • Michele B.
  • Fil Guijarro
  • Larry Keener
  • Frederik Bussler
  • Bhushan Chhatre


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