Rethink the Future...

… the future of agriculture

... the future of food production

... and how it would impact future societies


The Future Needs a Fresh New Perspective!

Vertical farming is the most effective answer to quality nutrition for the global polulace. And it holds the key to future global food security. Especially in the face of climate change and changing demographics.

However, we at klimazone believe vertical farming in its current form is structurally flawed and therefore unsustainable: it is horridly expensive to operate. It lacks flexibility. It offers too little choice.

The ramification of all this? Vertical farming is the perfect blackbox – concentrated in the hands of the powerful few and having negligible global relevance. And economically, vertical farming continues to be an unattractive business option.

At klimazone, we are developing solutions and designing business propositions that would make vertical farming easy, accesssible, and an economically attractive proposition. How?

Find it out in our soon-to-be-released Litepaper!

the klimazone vision

At klimazone we believe the future lies in vertical farming. And it goes beyond just ensuring global food security. Off-grid vertical farming is going to usher in a new era for food prodution and and open up hitherto unknown possibilities. In fact we consider it to be one of the biggest drivers of growth and opportunities in the coming decades. Farming was never so sexy!

Our Mission?

Empower people and help broader wealth creation through vertical farming. Which is why we are developing solutions and designing unique business propositions that would make vertical farming easyaccesssible, and an economically attractive proposition.

Our Vision?

A future in which farming is truly off-grid and possible on-demand. A future in which vertical farming enabling societies to become strong and nutritionally self-sustaining.

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